entering the land of the gods

a study abroad journey


I am traveling to India through the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP).

ISEP offers a vast amount of countries to study in through two programs, Exchange and Direct. With Exchange, you home school is essentially trading a student at their university for one at the international university. Therefore, the student continues to pay expenses at their home university like normal. India is on the the ISEP-Direct program, meaning I will be paying and enrolling with the university directly.

There are pros and cons to both sides. The downside, is that in ISEP-Direct you are not able to use your university scholarships like you can with Exchange. However, I can still obtain all of my federal loans and grants. India happens to be a cheaper country to study in so financially it works out very similarly.

ISEP also provides materials for students to prepare for their study abroad experience.

For more information on the ISEP Programs click here!



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