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Food of India

Being the foodie that I am, it is essential that I blog about the fabulous food I am eating here! There are many different tabs for you to check out…and they will be updated as the semester continues to keep coming back!

Here at Tagore, we have our own “cafeteria,” though it feels like our own personal restaurant. šŸ™‚ We have a regular wait staff that serves us drinks. The actual food line is buffet style with many different options. Most everything is homemade here, from the bread to the paneer cheese, and even the yogurt! Here is a break down of our typical meals:

Breakfast is very simple:

  • Fresh bananas
  • Yogurt
  • Cereal (2 kinds)
  • Hardboiled Eggs
  • Pancakes, oatmeal, and french toast (on a rotation)
  • Omelets and fried eggs on request
  • Fresh grape juice
  • Chai tea/instant coffee

The best part about breakfast is the grape juice. I am not a juice person and I do not like grape flavored anything, but I LOVE this juice! Initially, I thought it was a berry juice. It is thick and fragrant and delicious!


Lunch and Dinner are similar:

Staples include:

  • Yogurt
  • Chutney (rotating the flavors)
  • Roti (bread)
  • Rice
  • Daal

Normally there are 4-5 entree options to choose from or mix and match like a buffet. Most of them are vegetarian (though I trust the meat here more than in America!)


At lunch there is always a sweet for dessert and at dinner there is ice cream (the mango is amazing)! Lunch usually includes a “street-food” as well, like samosa or assorted fritters.

This is my new friend, Ganesh. He is “restaurant manager” of sorts. He serves us off of the buffet and orders the other wait staff around. I normally ask him questions about what dishes are called and what is in them. There is a slight language barrier but he is always excited to chat with me.


Check out my links below (or use the tabs on top) to see pictures and descriptions of the dishes I am eating!


Street Food (Fried Confections)




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