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Newest Gilman Recipient!

Oh happy day! With our beautiful 55 degree sunny whether today comes sunny news: I received an email from the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program….I have received a scholarship for studying abroad! Yay! And it came so timely, I was not expected to hear until December. 

Therefore, I am adding a tab for the Gilman so you can she what the application process was like and what I am planning for my Follow-On Project upon returning!


Celebration Chai!

Celebration Chai!

I woke up this morning to an 18 degree, Nebraska morning. The sun rose to reveal frosted leaves on the ground and chilly air tickled my nose. Sitting down to the NY Times on my laptop, a thought suddenly occurred to me…it is November 28th. What is so special about this day, you may ask? One month from today, I will be flying to the “land of the gods”….India!! To celebrate this glorious day, a cup of Chai was in order. Granted, it will probably be the worst cup of Chai after returning from India but man, it hit the spot this morning 🙂
The countdown begins….

Plugging right along…

It has been a busy few days as I have finally been able to get rolling on some of the logistics. My first set of forms for ISEP have been submitted. This was followed by a meeting with our financial advisors on campus. With ISEP-Direct I will still be receiving all of my federal loans and grants. Fortunately, since I work on campus the money can just be deposited into my account when refunds are made.

This weekend I was attached to the computer researching flights to India. My Dad and I finally decided on American Airlines. So…over Skype on Sunday night, Dad and I conversed about the different flight connections and finally made a decision. I will be flying from Sioux Falls to Dallas to London to Hyderabad! It feels good to have the ticket bought, but man, what and expense! (And just for the record it took longer for me to teach my father how to download Skype over the phone than it did to buy the ticket! But hey, now we are set for conversing in India–love you Dad!)

Today, I finalized my Student Visa details. Having done most of the paperwork over fall break, I added the last few elements and started the shipping process. This included 1) obtaining a money order to pay for the processing. And 2) bringing to a shipping company (the US postal service is not recommended.) I ended up spending much more time at FedEx than I expected. I had to set up an account online.While this took some time due to slow computers, it is actually a pretty slick system. I was able to print out a shipping label and prepare the return label.

Consequently, my passport is being shipping to San Francisco…I hope everything is good to go. There are so many steps and specific elements to follow!

Now for some more patient waiting…

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was a happy day!

After weeks of twiddling my thumbs I finally received email confirmation that India had accepted my application from ISEP! Hoooray!

Afterwards, I promptly received my Acceptance Letter via email PDF as well as more forms from ISEP.

I can finally send in my Student Visa forms and buy a plane ticket- yikes! The wheels are rolling…I am going to INDIA!!


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