entering the land of the gods

a study abroad journey

The University of Hyderabad


Facts about The University of Hyderabad:

  • 5,000 Students
  • English is the language of instruction
  • 1st federally funded University in Southern India, founded in 1974
  • Over 50% of the students are engaged in M. Phil. or Ph.D. courses
  • About one-thirds of the students are women
  • About three-fourths of regular students live on campus
  • 10 Schools of Study split into 16 Departments
  • 92% of the faculty have PhDs and 3/4s have worked abroad

The Campus

  • Covers 2300 acres
  • 500,000 trees
  • 120 bird species and 40 species of snakes
  • contains 4 lakes, valleys, and rock formations

The Study Abroad Program is known as the Study in India Program (SIP). It is an interdisciplinary initiative that emphasizes heritage, continuity and change in India. The courses offered by SIP are strictly for International Students (such as Hindi language, Yoga, Kuchipudi dance, etc) but we are encouraged and welcomed to take any course the University has to offer in order to mingle with local students.

In general, the SIP office is very disorganized and sometimes frustrating. This is mostly due to the fact that all of the individual departments on campus do not collaborate with one another in terms of class scheduling and lectures. I would definitely suggest taking classes outside of SIP. It is really the only way to meet local students since the International Hostel is strictly for other international students.

There is also an option of conducting an independent study! I wish I would have known about this option ahead of time. Basically you design your own research topic, present it to SIP, and they will pair you with a professor. However, you must be solid with your project and self-motivated. I witnessed some projects excel and others totally fail.

Class Etiquette: It is expected that students attend 75% of classes. Class engagement is encouraged. It is disrespectful to bring any food or drinks to class besides water and one should refrain from yawning/stretching in class.

  • Final Exam is 60% of your grade
  • The “midterm” is composed of 3 Internal exams which compose 40% of your grade. While you take 3 exams, only the best 2 will be counted towards the grade.

I am living at the Tagore International Hostel, which houses all of the international students. The University will provides bed linens, towels, and blankets. Laundry facilities are available. While there are not cooking facilities, we have a personal cafeteria as part of our package.

Address: You can send me anything to this address

Maria Niechwiadowicz

University of Hyderabad

c/o Tagore International Hostel

Hyderabad, India 500 046


University Webpage


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