entering the land of the gods

a study abroad journey

Street Food


Pakoda is an Indian “fritter” made of vegetables. We have tried lots of different variations at Tagore:

IMG_0804My favorite is spinach pakora (to the left). The picture is not very photogenic, but it is delicious dipped in yogurt or mint chutney.

This one, to the right, is actually beets and potatoes! The bright pink color surprised everyone. 

Samosas come in all shapes and sizes. I like these little ones (below) that are extra crunchy. The fillings vary but are almost always vegetarian.



Vada is a savory, fritter-like donut common in southern India. They can be made out of dal, lentils, gram flour, or potato. As always, a variety of spices and vegetables can be added. They can also be fried flat in disk-form.



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