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Being Back

I woke up to another hot and humid, Nebraska day this morning. Sleepily I crawled down from my bunk bed, changed clothes, and walked over to the gym to get moving on the elliptical machine. Upon returning, I freshened up, threw on a tank top and pair of shorts, and sat down at my laptop to check my mail before breakfast and another day of classes. Just another day, just another routine to follow.

Before I knew it, I found myself crying with tears of happiness and nostalgia! In Bodh Gaya, Bowl of Compassion has been working diligently. The tile floor was finished a few weeks ago…




And look at the progress of the new art building! Due to an gracious last minute donation, we were able to send another $500 to complete the building!




My heart is overcome with joy for all of the children at Bowl of Compassion! What work the Lord has done to complete this project so efficiently!

Upon sharing my happiness on Facebook I found a second wave of tears coming over me as I encountered photos of dearest Tanvi (my Hindi professor’s daughter) dressed up as Lord Krishna in celebration of His birthday.

Oh how I miss all of these wonderful people who touched my life in more ways than I can describe. I marvel at the fact that it is so easy to fall back into a morning routine, yet I feel so different being on campus.

When I first moved back onto campus 3 weeks ago it felt surreal. My sorority house, my campus felt so familiar yet different as well. For an entire day I felt absolutely frozen to the world–a feeling I have never experienced like this before. My mind was blank, my body was useless, and I felt utterly depressed. All I could do was sit and attempt to work on projects, without much progress. After a day leading sorority recruitment at Alpha Gamma Delta, I felt much better. I realized that there must have been this insecurity inside of me–How do I acclimate back to campus? How am I supposed to lead a group of 30 women after disappearing for a semester? Do I even have the authority to hold this position? In other words, culture shock!

Being able to be back on campus 2 weeks before classes and reconnecting with my sorority sisters was just what I needed to jumpstart my year and regain my confidence! However, being in classes this week I am realizing that I am looking at my life differently. I am wanting to jump back into every student organization on campus and am finding great joy and satisfaction in reconnecting with friends, professors, and mentors on campus. Yet, I am also evaluating why I am taking part in each activity. With such a short timeframe left as a college student, I want to make sure that I am making the most of my time to acquire the experience and skills to take me further in life. The problem is, many things make me happy, therefore, my initial urge is to take part in everything! But can I really do A, B, C, D, E, F…all at the same time? Or is it better to focus more attention on A, B, C, for example?

Of course, there are requirements that I can’t get out of…like Lab Biology, a course that certainly is not my strong point nor in my interests but is required for my graduation! But again, it only increases my desire to do meaningful work in my life!

Seeing these updates from India has brought my experiences to life once more! It gives me hope and desire. It stimulates my confidence when I feel like I missed out on something while I was away. A new year begins–

India, stay forever in my heart!



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