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It is hard to believe that a month has gone by since I returned to the good ol’ USA. I am amazed at how easy it has been to simply settle into “normal life” – that is, living at home, going to work, seeing friends, and cooking.

Cooking has been the one thing that has kept my Indian senses alive! I made a goal for myself to cook Indian food once a week, and have mostly kept to it! The first step was exploring the Indian grocery store, I found one in Sioux Falls and in Lincoln, NE. The one in Lincoln is larger and more diverse, but I can still find the basics in Sioux Falls. I stocked up on spices, daal, and paneer- ready to cook!

I have recreated:

Gobi palak, eggplant curry….Bhelpuri



Moong daal


Mix Veg Curry




Grilled paneer with cilantro/mint chutneyphoto-12

IMG_3714and…lots and lots of chai!

I even attempted my first batch of gulab jamun the other night! At first it seemed like a daunted task. I comes in a packet but the instructions were a little confusing. Well, I assembled the dough, put the sugar syrup on the stove, and began heating the oil. Thanks to dad’s new induction cooktop, my oil stayed at a constant temperature, frying the balls of dough perfectly! I was so happy at how well they were turning out that I made a double batch! Good thing I did too- the first batch I shaped the balls into a normal sized gulab jamun, forgetting they would expand in the syrup. That batch plumped to the size of plums! Needless to say I made smaller balls the next round- perfect!



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