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The Rising Heat

The heat is rising in all aspects of my life in Hyderabad. For one, it is physically hot here, even the mornings don’t stay cool past 8am. The days have been a scorching 100 degrees. And to think, this is just the beginning of the summer season! I am used to sweating almost 24 hours a day. Emily and I have starting running our air conditioner at night so that we can sleep more soundly. It is ironic that at the beginning of our stay we struggled to get a hot shower, but now its difficult to get a cold shower!

The one good thing is that it is a relatively dry heat here.  Humidity would make it ten times worse. However, yesterday it was pretty stifling. As the day progressed the air got thicker and thicker and finally, a miracle happened. The haze broke and it poured heavy summer droplets for almost twenty minutes! Walked out into the afternoon was heavenly, cool and breezy. Then last night, around 10pm, another storm rolled through. This time there was plenty of thunder and lightening to accompany the heavy rains. The power went out and Tagore was plunged into darkness. I realized that the lights are always on here during the night/morning hours before the sun rises. Tagore was scary! People were walking around with iPhone flashlights and laptops to get back to their rooms. But the worse part, no fan power, no air flow!! Needless to say, it was a rough night of sleep.

On another note, we have less than a week now before the semiannual Cultural Performance where our Kuchipudi dance class will be performing a dance! The experience has been a bit stressful. We began learning the choreography just 2 weeks ago, but most of us were gone last week. So, after 4 dance classes, today we finally finished the dance. Hallelujah! However, we have booked it through the teaching. The best way I can describe it is to say that our professor has been treating the process like a Broadway show; the performers are taught the moves once or twice and then expected to know the movement immediately. But not only is this a difficult dance form to learn in a semester but for most of the students in our class, this is their first dance class…ever! I feel blessed to have a dance background and have been able to pick up the movements pretty easily. But they are also movements that have to be worked extensively on an individual basis to get the right feet rhythms in conjunction with hand gestures. So while we have completed choreography, we are far from a cohesive performance. It will be a busy weekend of practice, practice, practice! Oh, and no pressure about the performance, only the ENTIRE CAMPUS looks forward to this performance every semester!

In the meantime, I have presentations to work on for other classes, I have to register for fall classes, work on my senior project proposal, and figure out what I am doing this summer.

Will the heat ever cool off? 🙂


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