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ISEP Student Stories: Studying Abroad Teaches Charla about Home

This is a great perspective coming from another ISEP Study Abroad student.

ISEP Study Abroad Blog

In this week’s blog post, Charla H discovers the true meaning of international exchange: you not only learn about another culture, but also learn about your own. Charla is a business and Spanish double-major from Roanoke College currently studying abroad at Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP) in Mexico.

I did a lot this week. I worked with the Preschool, I visited some churches, I learned the basics to Cumbia, and got my Zumba Instructor certification. We talked about the baroque style of architecture in Puebla. I learned the custom of childbirth here is to have a C-section. I learned that girls have their ears pierced at birth and events aren’t usually planned on a Tuesday the 13th (no weddings, no baby births, etc) – here, that’s bad luck. I could go on and on telling you what I’ve learned since I’ve been here, since the beginning of…

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