entering the land of the gods

a study abroad journey

The First “Goodbyes”

I hate to say it, but the goodbyes have begun. After a week of dreading these moments, they snuck upon me so fast! Today some of my best friends departed for their final travels, and I found myself unsure about how the handle the day. With final studying and packing, where is the time to celebrate and create final memories? I found that a pit began to form in my stomach as the day progressed and gray clouds covered the sky to match my quiet mood.

I should have known that the most memorable part of the day would be at tea time.  🙂 Almost a dozen of us sat around a table of four with our chai tea and biscuits sharing usual bits of conversation and laughter. Brooke, being the amazing person that she is, began a trivia game about all of us, that brought on fits of giggles! The questions started out pretty standard, testing how well we knew each other:

  • What are the names of Emily’s sisters?
  • How many cousins does Rachel have? etc

But then they got silly, full of inside jokes and quirks:

  • How many pieces of toast does Harper eat at breakfast (when she actually makes it to breakfast)?
  • What is the rate of speed in which Gilly chews her food?

There was such bonding, such camaraderie in that moment. The trivia encapsulated our entire semester together, how well we have gotten to know each other and experiences we have shares. And that’s when it began to really sink in…gawl darn I am going to miss these people! I am going to miss their stories and laughter: I am going to miss Brooke’s words of encouragement. I am going to miss Gilly’s blunt and sometimes goofy opinions. I am going to miss Anna’s childish laughter. I am going to miss braiding Harper’s hair and her sarcastic attitude! I am going to miss Marianna’s warm words. I am going to miss Connor’s awesome personality! I am going to miss Emily’s Appalachian slang and amazing storytelling. I am going to miss Rachel’s tall hugs. I could go on and on— How I wish I could have stopped time in that moment, lingering over chai and laughter for hours more.

But goodbyes were in order. Of course, it didn’t feel real in the moment. Hours later, it still does not feel real in many aspects. I have a quiet room without Emily, and these next few days will get quieter as more and more people leave Tagore. But I am not ready to say goodbye yet. I have one more week to live life at Tagore, on the U of H campus, and in Hyderabad!

But first, one more final exam-


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