entering the land of the gods

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Jaipur: Time to be a Tourist

Aslam works as a tour guide/driver and therefore was a perfect reference for seeing the city. We certainly did not see everything that Jaipur had to offer but we certainly made lots of memories in the places we did see 🙂



Iswari Minar Swarga Si was built in 1794 to by Iswari Singh to celebrate victory over battle. It is a continuous serrated incline to the top that leaves you a bit dizzy!








Notice how the girls dolled us up before heading out. I am wearing Salma’s Rajasthani jewelry and the girls put flowers in Harper’s earlobes 🙂

Amber Fort was built by Raja Man Singh. While it served some military purpose, it was also a palace lived by the Maharajas and their families. The fort itself is composed of four courtyards, each containing gateways, shrines, and gardens. I was impressed by the beautifully carved marble work all around. Compared to Golkonda Fort in Hyderabad, this was much more elegantly decorated.



Panorama view of the Fort




These images are all wall/ceiling shots of mirrors and paintings:





*Amazing discover of the day!! This is Vicki and her family. She  grew up in Huron, SD and her brother actually graduated from Roosevelt High School in Sioux Falls. How crazy is that!? She is actually living in Delhi now. It is a small world, folks!



Gaitore was a royal creamation ground for the Rajput kings and members of the royal family. It’s name literally means “resting place of the departed souls.” The beautiful white marble carvings and architecture reflect both Hindu and Islamic styles. I found this place to be simply stunning!





On a side note- Tuesday was supposed to be the annual Elephant Festival in Jaipur. Traditionally elephants parade through the city decorated with colors and they take part in games like polo and tug of war. However, we came to find out that the festival had been cancelled abruptly. It turns out that those providing the elephants asked for a larger sum from the government and the government turned them down. That is a big blow to the government of Rajasthan considering that it is a huge tourist event each year. While it would have been amazing to experience this event, life happens. We still got to see a few elephants throughout the day.



IMG_2233Climbing up the elephant trunk to sit on top!



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