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Campus Tragedy

I was disturbed to find out this morning that a student at the University committed suicide last night in his hostel. Friends say that he was depressed after not being denied registration for the semester. Therefore, he would not have been able to take the semester exams (next month). It seems unclear as to why the student was denied registration.

A representative of the Students’ Association on campus was quoted: “The students on the campus and their mental wellbeing are never considered by the university administration. We protest this negligent stand.”

This leaves me very disturbed. An act like this is the sort of thing you see in movies. For example, in the Bollywood film, The Three Idiots, a student named Joy Lobo takes his own life after being discouraged by professors.

Now, I certainly do not have a full understanding of the details surrounding the situation, but it makes me wonder how this University is really run. After all, shouldn’t a University support its students? I know that I would receive the support needed at Nebraska Wesleyan if I started to slip.

Also, it makes me sad that this student did not seem to have anyone to converse with about his situation. Friends claim that he has attempted suicide before. So, why was he not receiving help? Was there no friend in his life whom he trusted or felt supported by? What about his family? Was he too ashamed at his academics to tell them how he was feeling inside?

Instead he posted a suicide note on Facebook, of all places. He could talk to anyone face to face but yet he had the wherewithal to proclaim is death to the world. Is this not a reflection of how shallow our world is becoming?

At the UoH there is a Facebook group called “Confessions”- is a sort of silly device in which students can anonymously post comments about the University. I found the words of this post to be so strong and true:

“To the Vice-Chancellor: Every semester, it seems, a student commits suicide on campus. Not a member of the teaching staff or the non-teaching staff, but a student. Every semester! How many more have to hang themselves from ceilings before you acknowledge that it is a problem! Because if one student has committed suicide, a few more, at least, have tried to do the same, and many more have thought about it. Surely, there is something the University can do for the psychological well-being of students. And more than just appointing a lone counsellor in one corner of the campus, about whom few know and to whom fewer still go. We even have a Centre for Health Psychology now. In the campus, itself. Are you, honestly, telling us that there is nothing you can do! Not one damn thing!

To all studentsNo person commits suicide, simply, out of the blue. Because, like us, even those who commit suicide value their lives. And so, they struggle with it. A lot. So, there should be signs that such a step is being contemplated. If ever you feel that a fellow student is exhibiting such signs, try to intervene. Talk to that person. See, if you can find out what is wrong. If you feel there is nothing you can do, see if you know friends who can. If not friends, maybe even the faculty. Anyone whom you think can help. It might not help, but you never know, you may just stop that person from taking that step. It is the least we, as a community who share a campus, can do. No one should have to die, not by their own hands, not by any one else’s. Life is far too short and far too precious.”

Change needs to come from both sides- I will be interested to see how the students and administration on campus respond to this situation.

Feel free to read the full article here:



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4 thoughts on “Campus Tragedy

  1. Clay (Lincoln) on said:

    That is a sad story and unfortunately one that seems to be far too common. When we lived in India I was struck by the number of suicides that were reported on in the paper. A few years later I now realize that the rates between our 2 countries is actually very similar (with some regional differences and a big difference in method). I think the way they are reported on in the media is very different too.
    Always a sad subject, thanks for sharing and sorry this one struck so close.
    Peace to you and your friends.

  2. When were you in India, Clay? And where were you visiting?

    • Clay (Lincoln) on said:

      Sorry I never introduced myself properly, but I have been following your adventures and enjoying every minute of them.
      My mother in law is Joyce Michaelis from Wesleyan (Spanish Proff). She lived with my wife and I for about 8 months during our 1 year say in HYD.
      She referred us to your blog and we have been having a great time re-living our India time through your eyes. Now that we have been properly introduced I will comment more freely.
      The suicide issue was just too moving to stay quiet. There are so many ties to domestic violence, issues of fate and faith, reincarnation, caste, and the media.
      I need to run, but please, keep the updates coming.

  3. Great! Glad you are enjoying

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