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3.14 and the search for PIE!

March 14th means on thing in my head….Pi Day!


However this concept is foreign to Indians. First of all, date are written with the date first, then the month.

  • U.S date: 03/14/13
  • Indian date: 14/03/13

Second, pie is almost nonexistent here! This seems to be due to the lack of ovens and the lack of fruit based desserts.

Nevertheless, I was determined to find pie in Hyderabad! I found a gang of trustee followers and make our way to Anjaiah Nager to scope out the area.

Our first stop, Cakes & Bakes….no luck. Our second stop at Cakes n’ More, proved to be a little more promising with these mini date tarts, but we were not convinced.


We ended up at Hazzel’s, prepared to succumb to ice cream instead. But luck was on our side…we found personal apple pies! Or what we thought to be apple pie 🙂

The filling turned out to be mostly a crumb mixture with just a thin layer of apples on top. But it had delicious cinnamon spices that was great with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.



Mission accomplished!



In the meantime…time is flying and the heat is rising. Even the morning and nights are not as refreshing anymore. Emily and I are still not using the air conditioner in order to condition ourselves. We have found that letting it run for 20 minutes before we go to bed helps us fall asleep comfortably. However there are some nights that the power will go out, the fan will stop, and the two of us will wake up sweating! Ah India!


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One thought on “3.14 and the search for PIE!

  1. Taking pie to class today! Will send you pics ……. and yes, just to torture you! As for the heat, well at least you don’t have six legged friends who are big enough to saddle up that want to share your bed! See – positives all around!

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