entering the land of the gods

a study abroad journey

Kagaz & kalam

Rachel and I returned to Kriti on Saturday to help out with kids day (This is the same GMO in which we took the kids to the zoo last month)!

First of all, it was great to see some of the same children whom we met at the zoo. “Madame Maria!” They would say, and then proceed to list off all of the rest of the names they learned that day.


Rachel and I were put in a room with the younger children (ages 6-10 ish) for drawing time. 30 plus kids trying to color on the floor of a small space was certainly an exhilarating experience πŸ™‚ The kids were instructed to try to use english with us as they interacted with us and I found I was able to use some of my Hindi to help them as well.

We passed out paper (kagaz), and paper, and more paper! I tried to get the kids to tell me what colored pencil they wanted:

  • red- lal
  • orange- narngi
  • yellow- pila
  • green- hara
  • blue- nila
  • purple- baigani

As they began to finish a picture, they would come up and show me their drawings. “Tell me what you drew,” I would ask and point to different images on their paper. Popular items included flag, balloon, flower, house…

Upon asking one girl to show me how to write her name she proceeded to label all of the items on her paper. Then some other students began to practice their English alphabet! Yay for learning πŸ™‚


I wished I would have learned a few more phrases or words in relation to drawing so that I could better communicate with them. But again, I was in awe of how interactive the kids were even if we could not understand each other. They were so proud of their artwork and eager to pass it along to us.



As we wrapped up the day, I found out that this was the last kids day of the semester. Most schools have “final exams” this week and then have some time off before the next year starts. Therefore, I really was probably not going to see these kids ever again. Wow. I guess you hope that you make your mark within a short two hours of drawing. I know I will never forget them!

Rachel and I left that afternoon covered in sweat and pencil shavings πŸ˜‰


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