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Indian Cinema!

Last night I went to the movies to see a new Bollywood film, “ABCD (Anybody Can Dance)”.

It is your classic dance movie (like “Bring it On”). Though the dialogue was in Hindi without subtitles the plot line was so stereotypical that is was pretty easy to follow. There is actually a surprising amount of English words mixed in as well. “For Vishnu, widely regarded as India’s best dancer, dance is more than a passion – it’s the reason he lives! So when he finds himself thrown out from the swish dance academy he himself set up, by his manipulative business partner, it feels like the oxygen has been sucked out from the air he breathes. Heart-broken, Vishnu decides to give up dance and leave Mumbai forever. However the night before his departure he witnesses a most amazing sight – a group of dancers preparing for the upcoming Ganpati Dance Battle – an annual festival that pits Mumbai’s best dance groups against each other. Watching the raw talent of these amazing dancers helps Vishnu arrive at a decision – he will take this disparate group under his wing, help them overcome their personal rivalries and past demons and turn them into India’s best dance squad!” (from IMDb)

The dance is thrilling- a fusion of Bollywood and Hip Hop. Check out the Movie Trailer!

Oh! And did I mention that this movie was in 3D? Haha- I am not a huge 3D fan but it was pretty neat.

Another reason we went is because one of my good friends, Kate, knew one of the dancers. Actually, she was the lead dancer! Lauren Gottlieb is from Arizona and got cast in the role after performing on “So You Think You Can Dance.” She is amazing!! She will have a great career here if she decides to pursue Bollywood further 🙂

Here is one of the songs from the movie: Shambhu Sutaya

Enjoy and be amazed 🙂

As for the theatre, it works a little differently here. Movies are very popular so most people buy their tickets online or at the theatre ahead of time to reserve places. Tickets are only 150 rupee (about $3) and and you are assigned a seat number!

Once you get into the theatre you pay an extra 100 rupees for 3D glasses…however, if you return them at the end of the night, you get the money back! How nice!

Every movie has an intermission. For Hindi movies- the action has a specific break for the reel to stop. But in Hollywood films, there is no break in the action. So I have heard that the reel will literally stop in the middle of the action so everyone can take a break. For example, I know some people who went to see Les Miserables last month. They said that right in the middle of the song “Red and Black,” the reel stopped! Ahhh- how terrible!

Anyway, the snack items are very similar to the U.S only with an India flare.

  • Marsala popcorn
  • Hot dogs
  • Chai tea
  • Chat
  • Spicy chips
  • etc..

It was a fun experience and a perfect 1st Indian Cinema experience!


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