entering the land of the gods

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Valentine’s Day

Did you know that Mom’s are the best when it comes to Valentine’s Day?? 🙂 Ever since I moved to college, my Mom has been sending me Valentine’s treats to tell me how much she loves me (as if I didn’t know already!) India was certainly no barrier- I got a lovely package in the mail yesterday just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Inside….some of my favorites; almonds and dark chocolate!!! It will be difficult to savor each Ghirardelli square yet devour them before the India heat melts them. (Don’t worry, I am sharing too!)


Tonight the Valentine’s festivities continued…

I attended a classical music performance on campus….

After dinner…we got our middle school groove on. Yes, at Tagore International Hostel we had our own Awkward Middle-School Valentine’s Day Dance. Many people made an effort to make this dance a success…decoration of paper hearts and  playlist from our years in middle school. Think Usher, Avril Lavenge, Pink, etc.



Boy did we have a great time dancing and taking awkward middle school photos 🙂









It has been a pretty chill week at the UoH. Both my Yoga and  Kuchipudi professors were gone for various reasons which gave me plenty of time to get some work done and reflect on the season of Lent. I had fabulous Skype sessions with my parents, each of the brothers, and even my sorority sisters back at AGD! How good it was to laugh with them and hear about how the Chapter is doing. It blows my mind to think that the month of February is already halfway over! Where is time going??


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