entering the land of the gods

a study abroad journey

Week of Birthdays

“Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy, happy, birthday to you–whoo whoo!”

We were lucky enough to celebrate two birthdays of my dear friends this week!

On Tuesday, my roomie Emily, turned 21!!



Birthday treats!


Birthday decorations!

IMG_1216The gift of club soda, Emily’s favorite! (From dear Brooke)

Instead of going out for drinks in the middle of the week Emily decided to go classy and go out for ice cream! “You scream, I scream, we all scream for Ice cream!!” Hazel is like a Coldstone and is located pretty close to campus. This was one happy birthday girl!



The Birthday Girl (Emily) wearing her birthday crown (which I created out of magazine paper!)

IMG_1222 IMG_1221

Check out these silly girls 🙂


Now today, we are celebrating Anna’s 20th birthday! Emily passed off her birthday crown, adding some beautiful flowers.


Our big excitement of the day was exploring campus to find the legendary Mushroom Rock and have a picnic breakfast. We woke up at 6:30am to a wet and hazy sky. It had rained again! What a surprise! By 7am we we on our bikes. After biking across campus we ditched our bikes and ventured through the trails and brush finally seeing Mushroom Rock in the distance.



Check this out people! What a work of nature, what a work of God! And a perfect place for a picnic!



Our spread included croissants, peanut butter, cheese, grapes, mango juice, and most importantly, a watermelon! During our stay in Hampi, Anna had been wanting to buy a watermelon all for herself. So we got one, lugged it up to this rock, and cut it open using the end of a spoon! Needless to say, Anna was happy and devoured an entire half 🙂





In the meantime, Brooke got her photography on….there was music, dancing, yoga, and other silly things that will live on in our memories 🙂




Birthdays are so much fun! I love how everyone wants to make the birthday boy or girl feel so special 🙂 Who’s birthday is next!!??




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