entering the land of the gods

a study abroad journey

1 Month Down

January 30th

A month ago today I landed in India to a crowd of staring eyes and now, this city feels like home! I can’t believe how much I have seen and experienced in this short amount of time. Yet, the journey is just beginning!

I finally feel like I am establishing daily routines but yet still have spontaneity! I have been able to meet amazing people here, both Indians and Internationals, while still maintaining relationships at home. While I have had nostalgia, I have not been truly homesick yet. Life flows at a nice pace here in Hyderabad!

Today was also a special day. “You know what would be the best,” Rachel said today after class. “If we got samosas at tea time today.” We all agreed, samosas sounded really great. We walked into the dining room to pour our tea and what do ya know…samosas! It is the little things in life that make one’s day 🙂


A few updates of the week:

In Hindi class I am learning numbers! I can count to ten by memory- whoa 🙂 Check out this great Bollywood song that helped me memorize the numbers:

Tezaab- “Ek, Do, Tin” 

We are making great progress in Kuchipudi dance! We have almost finished three sets of movement. Once again, each movement has 5 speeds. Normally we work the first 3 speeds pretty hard and then attempt the last 2 for fun. We are definitely working our calves, thighs, and abdomens. Good thing I have yoga to stretch me out 🙂


This weekend I am traveling to the city of Hampi, located about 400 km south east of Hyderabad.  While I hope to keep up to date with my blogging, finding internet may be a challenge. So- look forward to some great stories next week!


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