entering the land of the gods

a study abroad journey


It rained today!!!!

Emily and I headed to Inorbit Mall today to get some things for our weekend trip. When we looked out the window after making our purchases we were amazing to see rain pouring from the sky! This is very odd for Hyderabad at this time. The monsoon season generally runs late June to early October.

I so wanted to run out into the rain and dance in the sweet droplets with Emily, but alas, it was not the right setting. Instead we made our way back into the mall and got introduced to real south indian coffee. The majority of the coffee here is Nescafe- yuck! But this was “filtered coffee,” as they call it, made with chicory grounds and milk. Yum, was that tasty, like a cafe au lait with a slight sweetness!


Soon the rain stopped and we made our way out of the mall to call a rickshaw, making it back to Tagore just in time for Tandoori Tuesday 🙂

Now as I sit here, the night is full of thunder rolling and bursts of lightning. Emily and I keep hoping for more rainfall so we can run out onto the patio and dance!

1 hour later….

It sounds like it is raining cats and dogs outside by the way the rain sounds on the roof. I excitedly ran out onto the patio- big drops fell down but not too much. Ya know what though, I danced anyway! The puddles were huge and I splashed my feet in them like Gene Kelly in “Singin in the Rain” (which I finally will be able to see live in London when I return home)!

Ah, the smell. That humid, earthy smell of rain. There is really nothing like a summer rain. Who knew I could experience it in January!?


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