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The American’s are Back!

Though it was great to have a “quiet” weekend, I love having everyone back at Tagore! There is nothing like a dining room full of friends telling travel stories. Meanwhile, we store all the advice in our brains for future travel to the same spots, hoping we can have as much fun πŸ™‚

It was “burger” night at Tagore today. We had a choice of chicken or veggie patties on a soft white, chewy bun! Loaded with tomato, red onion, cabbage, and even a little cheese, this burger hit the spot!

IMG_1122 IMG_1120

French fries also made it onto the buffet today. What?! These were the real deal folks, freshly cut and fried.


But my favorite part of the meal….OKRA! (I’m so predictable) πŸ™‚



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One thought on “The American’s are Back!

  1. Lois Boyce on said:

    Dear Maria….Thanks a big bunch for your wonderul posts on your exciting life in India. You are a great reporter and I look forward to every new well writen chapter. Take care, be safe and know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Love you, Lois

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