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Rise of Private Universities and Liberal Arts Programs

In India, a Rise of Private Universities and Liberal Arts Programs

I am glad to read in this article from India Ink, that Liberal Arts Universities are on the rise in India! Here at the University of Hyderabad there is definitely a different feel on campus compared to my home at Nebraska Wesleyan. As an International student, I struggled to take courses out of multiple departments because of the overlapping schedules. Each department essentially runs on its own here, choosing the course timings and examination dates without discussing with other departments. Similarly, as I have chatting with other Indian students I have met, they tell me they only take courses out of one or maybe two departments. Therefore, in my Film and Lit course out of the English department, all of the other students in the class are studying English. It is very odd to me!

Another interesting fact from this article is the cost of these Universities. “Annual tuition [at a private institution] can run as high as 40,000 rupees compared with 360 rupees [at a public university].”

40,000 rupees is roughly $740! Wow! That is so cheap compared to American standards. I could only pay for one semester long course for that much at NWU. It makes me wonder what the other Indian students are paying here at UoH…



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One thought on “Rise of Private Universities and Liberal Arts Programs

  1. Erin Neely on said:

    Oh my gosh, I figured out that same information In France. It is difficult to take classes from multiple departments, and they are only paying about maximum of 400E per semester becasue this is a public University

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