entering the land of the gods

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Sunset Friendships


Words cannot describe how blessed I am to be in India.

Words cannot describe the power of the friendships that are being established.

It has barely been a month since I stepped off the airplane and I have met people that I feel more connected to than people I see everyday on campus at NWU.

Tonight I took an after tea time walk with some fabulous women. In exploring we found paths leading into the “wilderness” of campus and made it to some gorgeous rock formations and just in time for the sunset.

In the midwest, the sky is usually adorned with clouds.  Purple, orange, and peach rays bounce off the texture of the clouds. A cotton-candy sunset. Here in India, no clouds are to be seen. Instead the colors gradually change as the sun slowly fades into a fog sometimes not even making it to the horizon before it disappears.

As we sat on the top of the rock watching the sun sink into the horizon, conversation was so natural between us; six women sharing stories about our lives, laughing about similar moments, offering differing opinions. There was an air of respect and openness all around.

Sunsets are like friendships. Words cannot describe how beautiful they are or what colors will burst forth on any given day. There are many more sunsets to experience here in India and, similarly, friendships that will continue to grow and develop.

Words cannot describe how content I feel. God is working. God is here. 

I will let the sunset speak for itself.








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2 thoughts on “Sunset Friendships

  1. You are amazing girl!

  2. Emmalee on said:

    Glad to hear, my dear friend.

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