entering the land of the gods

a study abroad journey

Team Mom


Back: Anna, Gilly, tall Rachel, Paige, Emily

Middle: Claire, Sarah, Brooke, Emma

Front: Rachel S, Harper

Tagorgeous played their first game tonight as a part of the women’s cricket tournament! Excitement and nerves were high all day until the first bowl at 5:30pm! A perfect night for a game of cricket.


I have dubbed myself as the “team Mom.” I was the first one to arrive at the stadium to support the team, taking all the bags and water bottles. However, I was quickly ushered over to the announcers table to provide names of the team members. I felt very V.I.P. They laughed at our names but there was great support from the all the spectators.

P1060006 P1050996











The rest of the Tagore supports showing up soon after the game started bearing signs and cheers!


Tagorgeous started at batt with Emma and Paige playing well! By then end of three runs, we had scored 40 balls! Moving onto the field. Emma, again, bowled off with Paige and (tall) Rachel following. The team played a good outfield. The opposing team attained 43!


It was a close game but the team was thrilled and Mr.Coach was happy with how the team played. I am a proud Mom đŸ˜‰



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