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I’ve Got Mail!

Tonight was the first night I have not slept well here at Tagore. I had a queasy stomach that kept me awake most of the night. Fortunately, I felt much better after eating a banana, an umeboshi (japanese pickled plum from Kathy Graven) and Skyping my brothers before class!

In Kuchipudi today, our professor, Aruna started class by saying, “I want to see how you move.” Then she hit the music and told us to dance. Yes!! Dance party! She played 5 or 6 different styles of music for us to groove to. I loved being able to listen to the tunes and let my body adapt and fly free. I reminded me of rehearsals with Eric Little and jamming out to Disney soundtracks with Alison Blake in middle school. For me, it was completely natural. It is so easy for me to sit into the music, forget about my surroundings, and just dance. But for others, this was a completely new experience and many commented that they felt very awkward and self conscious at first. Aruna concluded that most of us had a good sense of beat. She chuckled a bit, “most of you,” she reiterated. Haha! It will be a neat experience to work around students of all experience levels.

After class, I felt quite sluggish. I didn’t have much appetite at lunch time and pondered what I would do with my free time before class. I was scatterbrained: I read a chapter of my book, played a few games of solitaire, practiced my Hindi script, messed around on Facebook…and then took a twenty minute nap. Bam! That was the trick. Twenty sweet minutes and I was alert and read for some Hindi!


As of today, we have now learned all of the symbols in the Hindi script; 12 vowels and like 30 or so consonants. While I have been practicing writing the script over and over, it is still difficult for me to match the letter to the sound. It is not like English where you have b, c, d, etc. In Hindi you have the sound ba, bha, ca, cha, etc. The first is normal and the second sound is more aspirated. Soon we will start connecting letters and then the script changes again! This will definitely be the class I need to study/practice the most.

After tea time, I was surprised to find out that I had mail! And not only one package, but two packages! The first was from homeshop18.com or the “Amazon.com” for India. I had received my books for my Film and Lit course after only 5 days. They also came with free pens, bookmarks, and coupons. 🙂


The second package was from my dear Father! He sent it on Jan 5th via UPS…I am surprised and impressed that it got here so quickly. The package itself looked a little rough…good thing Dad used two boxes! And inside….sunscreen and contact solution–haha! Essentials 🙂




Please feel free to send me any letters or care packages! 🙂

My address can be found HERE


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2 thoughts on “I’ve Got Mail!

  1. Nancy TUcker on said:

    as a parent of a student there, would love to know HOW the package was sent. Fed Ex is very expensive from US, USPS is cheaper, but takes a month and may not be reliable.. please give details on shipping details. thanks

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