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Dosa Night!

Who needs crepes when you can have dosa!? 

Dosa is a staple dish in southern India. It is commonly served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and even as street food.

The batter is created by soaking rice, ground into a batter, and left standing overnight to ferment. Then the batter is poured onto a hot griddle to create a thin, pliable yet crunchy, crepe. IMG_0900

Dosa can be served plain with dipping sauces or it can be filled and wrapped like a burrito.

Common chutneys include:

  • green coconut chutney with green chili and mint 
  • sambhar: a red vegetable “stew”
  • red chutney: with tomato, lentils, and chilies
  • sweet coconut chutney (for dessert)


Tonight at Tagore we had a dosa-bar and got to pick our fillings!

 I opted for spinach and paneer.IMG_0902

IMG_0906We also had dessert dosa! Here is Ganesh making banana, honey, and chocolate dosa, which was delicious with the sweet coconut chutney!

I definitely would like to learn how to make these!



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2 thoughts on “Dosa Night!

  1. Kristi on said:

    Once again, yum!!! Send me one breakfast??

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