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Cricket for Dummies

Last night a few girls attended a cricket match on campus and were approached by a professor who offered to coach them if they found a team. All day, they have been recruiting members to attend “practice” tonight and hopefully play in the girls tournament next week.

Sorry to disappoint, but I am not playing on the team, but I was interested in understanding the game so I biked to practice with the team! I have decided that I am the official cheerleader/photographer 🙂

It was neat to see this Indian professor and other students on campus teach the girls how to the play the game. It is very similar to baseball in many ways. A pitcher throws a ball to the batter who hits the ball with a flat bat that looks more like a paddle. Upon a hit, the batter runs with the bat to a “wicket” located about 20 ft away. Then upon the next hit the old batter runs back to the home wicket and the new batter runs to the center wicket. I apologize for the incorrect terminology, but that is cricket in a nutshell. Haha!

As the team waited for the field, we watched a group of guys play a game. It was much more insightful to watch and I am kind of excited to go see a game now! Mark and Peter, you would have loved it!! I can totally see you fitting right in with these guys.

Oh and the team name cracks me up…”Tagorgeous.” Haha, get it, Tagore (our hostel) + gorgeous, haha!

Here are some pictures of the day:


The cricket field (aka the space in front of the outdoor auditorium)!

The guys waiting to bat.

IMG_0867The team: “Tagorgeous”


Mr. Coach (in blue) and a helpful student leading the team.


A hit by Gilly (or “Slumdog Gillionaire” as we now call her)!


Watching the team practice.


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