entering the land of the gods

a study abroad journey

Tea Time

There is nothing better than a long relaxing day of reading! It has been so long since I have done reading for fun, and though it is a novel for my Film and Lit class, I am engaged and relaxed. It is a lovely 80 degrees here in Hyderabad, perfect for lounging on the Tagore patio.

But 4 o’clock hits we all know…it is tea time! We have been told that the British left 3 things in India:Image

  • the english language
  • cricket (the sport)
  • and tea time

So everyday from 4 to 5pm we can go down to the kitchen and have chai tea and biscuits. My new friends and I joke that we feel like we are living in a nursing home- breaking from our reading and card games to join in tea and fellowship!


The tea is not as spicy as the street vendors but it is a perfect combination of milk and tea. The “biscuits” are simple crackers that vary depending on the day. We are getting picky now…the ritz-like crackers simply don’t suffice! 🙂

Though Indians really drink their chai tea anytime, I look forward to tea time everyday at 4pm. It is even more special now that I have class at 4pm on some days. This may be a routine I will have to continue in The States!



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