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Back to School

With two days of classes down, I still don’t feel solid on my class schedule. It is a classic first week of school in India, classes have either not started yet, or the class time is shortened due to lack of material. Class times are changing left and right and all the international students are scrambling around trying to fit courses in.

On Monday, I was so excited to start Kuchipudi dance….but after waiting for twenty minutes we were informed that the professor was not coming today. Honestly, I had a feeling that would happen, better luck on Wednesday! Then I went to a Sociology course: Religion and Society. Though we were only in the class for a half hour, it was very positive. The professor had us write down what our own religious background was and how this reflects the way we think. I hope that Indian culture and religion will be emphasized in the class. Demographically, the course was about half normal students and half international students. Finally, I went to basic Hindi language.

Today, Tuesday, I started the day with Yoga Theory and Practice. I found out that the class will be roughly 60% theory and 40% practice. I am excited to have a focus in theory so that I can better understand yoga practice. Again, the class got done early so I waited around until the next course I wanted to crash, Indian English Film and Literature. However, upon arrived at the Humanities building, I was informed that the class time was moved to Monday. Bummer! It will still fit into my schedule, but I was disappointed to have missed the first day. With time to spare, I decided to go to another Basic Hindi section with another professor. This class had already started writing the Hindi script and I felt a little overwhelmed! It is one thing to learn another language but in Hindi you are also learned a new alphabet! I am fighting the urge to skip a language course all together because I know it will be good for me once I get through the initial burn. 🙂 Just for the heck of it, I attended the afternoon Hindi class again and decided I liked this professor much better than the early class.

I am just sitting down to officially turn in my registration sheet and this is what I’ve decided:

  • Kuchipudi Dance—Mon/Wed—10:30-12pm
  • Basic Hindi—Mon-Thurs—4-5pm
  • English Indian Film and Literature—Mon/Thurs—2-4pm
  • Yoga Theory and Practice—Tues/Thurs—9-10:45am

It makes for a different schedule than I’m used to! What I have realized is that most of the students here only take classes out of one department, therefore, when you are trying to take classes out of multiple departments it is hard to find times that do not overlap. This is a problem that all of the international students are encountering. The system is on conducive to a liberal arts schedule. 🙂


In the meantime, I have rented a bike for the semester so it is much easier to get around campus now! It is a little rough and noisy but it will serve its purpose…plus it is purple and has a bike bell and basket! I have always wanted a bike with a basket! I have decided to name her Malika 🙂

Oh! And for those of you who were wondering about my address, I posted it under the University of Hyderabad tab. I welcome any letters or packages!


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3 thoughts on “Back to School

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  2. Kathy Barrett on said:

    Hi Maria Sounds like things get a little hectic for you, but enjoy following what you are doing on a daily basis. Indian food sounds interesting!!! Be safe! love to you

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