entering the land of the gods

a study abroad journey

Golkonda Fort


Our final stop for the day was Golkonda, the oldest part of Hyderabad and the original city. The Kakatiyas originally built the fort around 1143 but years of conquering followed. The Hindi Kakatiya was followed by the Islamic Bahmani Sultant and lasted until its conquest of the Mughal emperor. What is left is an ancient city in ruins, but vastly beautiful. Golkonda contains four distinct forts, eight gateways, temples, mosques, stables, homes, and public spaces.IMG_0791


The space has now been adaptable to tourists with a walking path straight to the top. It reminded me of Pompei in Italy, a huge city left in ruins with so much to explore. You could easily spend an entire day exploring and climbing. With limited time and the sun slowly falling, headed for the top of the fort. I made it just in time to watch the sunset.


IMG_0786 IMG_0792






The city of Hyderabad/Secunderabad stretched out in all directions to no avail. I found myself caught in India’s rustic beauty. Amidst the dirt and smog, there was peace. No photograph could capture how radiant the sun looked in its neon orange and hot pink tones.  In ten minutes, I watched it tuck its light under the horizon for the day. Though I could have stayed in that spot for hours, I figured it would be good to climb down before it got too dark. As I began to make my descent, Muslim prayer calls rose up from every point of the city. Again, I was caught in the splendor of this culture and had to stop myself as goose bumps rose on my skin.










If you ever have the change to experience Golkonda, go for the sunset and become one with the ruins. Now, that I have a better understanding of the history behind the fort, I would like to go back to explore and visualize this place in its glory.







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