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Orientation Day

ORIENTATION DAY! I had been waiting for this day all week eager to discover what classes I would be able to take. I don’t know if I explained, but when students arrive at the Tagore International House they are dropped off at the main gate, escorting to their room, given a room key, and told when the next meal occurs. Period. The rest we have to figure out by ourselves! It is very loosely structured here, but I have felt very welcome. So as you can see, for the past four days, we have just been hanging out. Luckily we have Mr. Das! I think Mr. Das is the International Coordinator or something. He has a desk in the common room and has the answers to all our questions. We have used him a lot in navigating the city and discovering the best means of travel. Technically classes started yesterday but that doesn’t mean classes actually started. Campus was definitely bustling with activity though. As Mr. Das said to an adjunct professor, “classes will start when they start.”

Anyway back to orientation. At 10am this morning we walked to the SIP (Student International Program) Office. It is a gorgeous place; open air with a garden in the center.

P1050785 P1050786 P1050787




While I hoped to receive class schedules, maps, and other advice, I walked in with no expectations to receive anything…that just the way this place seems to work! However, I was pleasantly surprised. We received beautiful colored bags containing a course list, campus map, and Hyderabad travel guide—jackpot! First we were introduced to some of the important faculty and then each shared who we were. I believe there are around 20 of us traveling through the ISEP program and 50 or 60 students total. We received some interesting information about the campus of UoH as well as the academics. I have updated my tab on the University so check it out if you want to find out more! (Or Click Here!) We each also received a short one-on-one consultation on class selection, but it really wasn’t helpful. They recommend the best way to choose a course is to simply start attending for the first few days and ask the professor directly. While classes have supposedly started, we will begin attending class on Monday and turn in our registration forms by Jan 12th.

Overall, it was good information but there is still a lot for us to figure out on our own which is really exciting.

As our director was speaking about the SIP experience a few phrases struck me: You make your own experience! And in India, it is essential to use more than five senses.

“By immersing yourself into the beautiful chaos you will be challenged personally and you will have the time of your life.”


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One thought on “Orientation Day

  1. Ah! You are beautiful my dear. I admire your ability to go with the flow here! I know it can be difficult, but I am sure that it will leave you open to so many great opportunities!

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