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Day of Surprises

Guess what!? I have a roommate! Her name is Emily Neas from North Carolina.  She is studying environmental science at UNC Asheville. From the moment she stepped in the door, energy and love poured out of her. We immediately hit it off and have a lot in common! For example, both our parents divorced when we were in high school and we have both read all of Michael Pollan’s books.  Emily loves the outdoors, gardening, and has taken multiple backpacking trips across NC. And it turns out Emily wants to go into farming after graduation…maybe I should just move out to her farm! I can tell she is a free and alive spirit and I am thrilled to be able to spend the semester with you. (Don’t worry Emmalee, you can never be replaced!)


To elaborate on the diversity of students, it is very American at this point. I have met students from California, Texas, Arkansas, New Orleans, New York, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Vermont. Internationally, there is one girl from Sweden and another from Canada. So much for making world-wide connections! The male to female ratio is also very off. But I am meeting new people everyday and it is very exciting!

My second excitement of the day is that my luggage arrived! Yay for no more underwear borrowing 🙂


It felt so good to finally establish my space and make it feel more at home. Here are some pictures of where we live.



Emily and I decided we will definitely have to do some more decorating to brighten up our colorless walls. Keep you posted.

We also had another rickshaw experience today heading into town to go to Inorbit Mall. I am rocking the bartering rates and am finding it more and more comfortable to do so. From Left to Right: Me, Brooke, Emily, and Paige.


The complex was like an indoor western mall complete with a Body Shop, Levi, and such. It was weird. Regardless we got some essentials, Fabreeze and detergent for me. Emily and I also got watches! Since I am not carrying a cell phone I never know what time it is. At this point time doesn’t matter but for classes I figured it might be helpful. The best part is that they came in Madagascar (the movie) boxes!


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One thought on “Day of Surprises

  1. Emmalee Fishburn on said:

    Loving that God sent you another Emily. Can’t wait to hear more about her!

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