entering the land of the gods

a study abroad journey

Final Moments

Waking up this morning, the notions of my travel were still so surreal. I showered, skyped by cousin, putzed around. With the suitcase packed, what else is there to do put wait in anticipation! I was happy to get out of the house for lunch. The big question was….what shall be my final meal in the SD? Though it seems a little cliche, I devoured an all-natural South photo-9Dakota buffalo burger. A little taste of home to sustain me for my long journey.


And thus, comes the time to pack up and load out! I have discovered this week that I really don’t like goodbyes. It seems so “sad” but really this is a joyous occasion!

As a good friend reminds me, in many native languages there is no such word for goodbye. Instead they have many words for hello, family, and love. So instead of saying “goodbye,” I thank God for the support of family and friends in my preparation for this journey. The time as come, and off I go bearing tokens of this love:


  • A worn cross of faith and friendship
  • The medallion of St. Christopher (the saint of traveling)
  • A Travel Song…”Be safe and travel strong. Carry with you this travel song.”
  • A list of favorite bible verses from friends and family.
  • Earl the squirrel
  • Blessings, prayers, and thoughts in my heart


Thank you all!

My next post will be in India! It is time to enter the land of the gods.


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